Market Focus exists to help and support senior managers and their teams to build winning strategies and value propositions so that they can deliver sustainable growth.

Now could be a good opportunity to further develop your company’s strategic, industrial marketing skills and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Over the last year we have proved that online coaching and training of teams and individuals is effective and efficient.  This is what our clients say.

“It was really very effective with high levels of engagement from participants and very good exchanges.  The approach was excellent, very structured with very helpful coaching to stretch the thinking of the participants.”  Global Commercial Excellence Director Glass Business.

“Pleasantly surprised by the engagement level and whilst talking about our customers you could hear the lightbulb moment when the sales team realised what we were offering to customers was not exactly what they valued.”  North American Materials Business Director.

“I am amazed at how effective it is to work on customer segmentation and customer value propositions online, especially with the regular assignments and feedback from an industrial marketing professional.”  Global Specialty Additives Business Manager.

Follow the link below to read two cases on B2B Marketing Tools.

Embedding B2B Marketing Tools And Skills To Retain And Win Business.

Applying B2B Marketing Tools To Win In A Key Market Segment.


We help and support senior managers and their teams to achieve the following.

  • Bring new perspectives on your market.
    • Identify new insights and rethink a market space.
    • Find new opportunities early.
  • Make strategic choices.
    • Decide on your focus markets and your focus activities.
    • Agree what not to do.
  • Create added value for your customers.
    • Understand how value can be created and for whom.
    • Deliver and extract that value.
  • Build team energy, commitment and skills.
    • Motivate and challenge.
    • Bring structure and objectivity to discussions.
  • Deliver outcomes.
    • Turn decisions into actions.
    • Ensure accountability.


We help and support in the following six areas:

Function Strategy

Aligning and prioritising function activities, capabilities and investments with the strategy of the business.

Winning Value Propositions

Achieving and sustaining customer preference in target segments in existing markets.

New Products & Markets

Understanding the extra value you can provide in the customer's business and how to extract value for your own company.

Marketing Excellence

Delivering market oriented leadership and the benefits of practical industrial marketing tools and skills to the organisation.

Market Driven Innovation

Bringing a deep understanding of what customers value into the organisation's innovation processes, projects and portfolio choices


Clients benefit from expert, practical, experienced and time efficient help and support which improves skills and delivers business results.


We diagnose, build approaches, provide frameworks and tools, challenge, coach, educate and facilitate teams and individuals.

Who We Help

Our clients:

  • operate in the business to business environment;
  • are leaders in their markets;
  • are ambitious for the future;
  • typically have core competencies in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing;
  • believe in investing in their people.

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